Il piacere di scrivere

Nel blog di Anthropologie – un negozio molto interessante di cose belle – ho trovato queste semplici regole che vogliono farci riscoprire il piacere di scrivere. Sono in inglese, ma sono così preziose che ci si può sempre aiutare con un vocabolario per comprenderle.

Get a change of scenery

Something as simple as physically moving away from your desk and putting yourself in a new environment, be that on your sofa or in a coffee shop, can help to mentally transport you to a creative frame of mind.

Write what you know

It’s a cliché for a reason – your writing will feel more honest if it has come from a place of truth. Rather than people and places, consider anything that’s ever evoked an emotional reaction in you – inspiration that can come not only from your own life but from other fiction including films, TV shows, music and books.

Write for you

It’s easy to get weighed down thinking about what other people may want to read, but at the end of the day the only person who has to enjoy this is you! Draw on your own passions and your writing will be richer for it – there’s no way to fake genuine creative enthusiasm and as a reader you can always see that enthusiasm shining through.

Don’t force it

Writing shouldn’t be a chore and if you’re not enjoying writing it, chances are that will show in your words. There’s no magic routine to follow so if the words won’t flow, then leave them be and do something else entirely. You’ll be surprised how the best ideas can then pop into your head when you’re not expecting them.

Stop thinking and start writing!

Books are made of words, and although you can plan and ponder for years ultimately the only way to get going is to get your words down on paper. It doesn’t matter if that first sentence is perfect – it might not even be one you decide to keep. But until you begin writing them down, you won’t know. Good luck!


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